World of Bricks

Our dreamWe are a group of AFOL members from the Danish LEGO fan club Byggepladen, who share the dream of turning our wildest LEGO® MOC’s into a new tourist attraction in the Copenhagen area called “Worlds of Bricks©”.

From the perspective of the LEGO mini-figure we intend to create large dioramas displaying landscapes from different locations such as Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Småland in Sweden, London England, the New York skyline and many more. With trains running, cars driving and planes flying, lights changing, day turning into night, you will experience the daily life of a LEGO mini-figure.

Our goal

With Worlds of Bricks we want to create and run a tourist attraction of high international standard, reaching 350.000 annual visitors within 4 years of the opening.


With displays two stories high, World of Bricks will expand over several floors and take up over 6.000 m2. With the option to expand later.

To incorporate a complete experience, we will add an experimental playground, where visitors of all ages can build and play with LEGO bricks, practically and virtually. A LEGO store and a restaurant will complete the visitor experience.


The team members behind this project, are all members of the Danish LEGO fan club Byggepladen. World of Bricks is intended to be closely integrated hereto. Many additional members have expressed their desire to participate by building MOC’s for the displays, either full time, freelance or as spare time. And with our shared knowledge for many exhibitions like LEGO WORLD we can deliver a quality that will live up to LEGO standards.

LEGO Products

Mixing actual LEGO produced products with our own imagination we want to make scenes that every LEGO fan, young and old, would only dream of. Girls will surely love to see Heartlake in full size with all the friends playing around the town, sailing on the lake and riding in the countryside.


Building events, fan displays and much more will be part of World of Bricks

Brick by Brick

World of Bricks will be an exciting place to visit. with everything expected of a tourist attraction. shop restautrant, lifts and even a school service.

Event room

A large room for events like: AFOLs, LEGO product releases and corporate related events. It will give both LEGO and World of Bricks a unique opportunity to make different events over the year.

Theme floor

The third floor holds LEGO licenced themes. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Friends and other popular themes will be shown on this floor.

Around the world

The second floor shows different locations from around the world. Mountains, bridges, cities and seas, will stretch from wall to wall and beyond the ceiling.


The first floor will hold the main entrance and access to the LEGO SHOP. The shop follows the LEGO Brand store concept and works as an exit when leaving the exhibition.

Back to school

In World Of Bricks, schools and institutions can enter into various courses where LEGO is a significant elementelement in teaching.

In collaboration with the students’ teacher, World Of Bricks can offer a variety of educational programs, where students using LEGO will have a different approach to the teaching of such subjects as nature and technology, innovation and collaboration.

Dining with Bricks©

An all-family restaurant is surely missed in the Copenhagen area, so Dining with Bricks will be a perfect place to dine, for visitors of the exhibition as well as families who want enjoy quality food with their kids.

Location location

Where World of Bricks will be located is still not decided. Maybe Copenhagen, Roskilde, Rønnede, Greve. There are many options. Where would you like to visit it.

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